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First Draft™ Fiction and Non-Fiction Content Generator

 MILLIONS of unique articles and stories inside!  The following writing enhancement software is designed to improve First Draft's usability. Each allows writers to customize the way the First Draft functions and the content that it generates. Please note that these templates are completely optional. First Draft operates just fine without their purchase. They are offered here as a convenience only and are not required.

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Used with First Draft's Load Template function, this automatically generates a 300-400 word article that's written in the style dictated by this kind of writing. The accesses and selects from more than 15,000 relevant phrases, generates content in a logical format, and writes from a huge collection of pre-written material. When loaded into the software, it gives writers a quick and easy way to generate content for this type of writing.


  • -Specific: All the content generated from this is specific to the writing style and nothing else.
  • Simple, easy-to-use: It's super easy to use this for a writing project! Once installed and selected within the First Draft interface, the software will display new, unique content in each generated article.
  • Flexible and adaptable: Each template pulls from the same variables that First Draft's generated articles pull from, and that includes product names (keywords)! Plus, reloading the same template generates different but relevant content each and every time.


In the event your purchased Template isn't currently stocked, that means it has to be created by hand. Please allow up to two weeks for creation and delivery. Offer available to registered First Draft users only.