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Article Writing Sample

The following writing sample demonstrates what can come from using First Draft with the appropriate Data Packs and/or Templates. The Keyword is software requirements specification.

Software Requirements Specification

Today's software products are much more sophisticated than ever before. They consistently open worlds of opportunity for both developers and users, and they appeal to a large range of environments and uses. In order to do that, of course, they require a custom software development process that's much more extensive than ever before too. We simply cannot develop software for today's computers and mobile devices using yesteryear's technology. So how do we start?

The most appropriate way to approach current development requirements is with comprehensive software requirements specification. This article explains the process, the purpose, and the process.

SRS Defined
Software requirements specification (SRS) is a development plan that details how a software product will look and function after its development, how much its development will cost, how long its development will take, and how vulnerable its development will be to specific risks. It serves as a map that programmers use to build a software product. It additionally serves as a contractual agreement between a client and a contractor. As you can imagine, the more detailed this document is, the more accurately the final product matches the initial plan.

The Purpose of SRS
Such a plan might seem like a no-brainer approach to software development. What isn't so apparent is the fact that it's sometimes disregarded in lieu of prototyping. People inadvertently assume that prototyping accomplishes the same goals as SRS, and they assume that the final product will function as desired.

The problem with this approach is that prototyping is little more than testing ideas with an interactive drawing board. It simply gives people a notion of what could be. An SRS, on the other hand, addresses what software should be, and every prototype is eventually enhanced to satisfy the requirements inside the SRS.

The Process of SRS
In order to make SRS an effective part of the development process, continuous communications between the developer and customer help refine efforts to the point of completion. The typical SRS addresses the following:

· The user interface
· Additional software and hardware requirements
· Additional Software and hardware restraints
· Explicit functions that the software will perform
· End-user expectations and accommodations
· Compliance with industry standards
· Availability, portability and security provisions
· Maintenance and support

We have barely scratched the surface in terms of what a software requirements specification can and should do here. The most important thing to understand is that because of its ability to influence the outcome of a costly development project, it should never be ignored.

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