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First Draft™ Fiction and Non-Fiction Content Generator

 MILLIONS of unique articles and stories inside!  Cure writer's block and increase writing speed with First Draft, a contextual, article writing wizard with over 5,000 sentence prompts and over 15,000 common phrases. First Draft is appropriate for web content freelance writers, content providers, bloggers, and everyone else who struggles with a sudden loss of words. The software generates comprehensible articles and stories in mere seconds with keyword support, an automated spelling and grammar corrector, a word requirements - pricing - and earnings meter, and more.

18 Writing Problems Solved by First Draft

Through First Draft, writers finally have a quick and easy way to obliterate some of writing's most pesky problems. If you suffer from any of these problems in any degree, you'll find the following 18 solutions extremely valuable and time-saving!

Starting (Oi!)

common writing problems Difficulty getting started. This is the main reason why First Draft was developed in the first place. Through the click of a button, anyone can generate a comprehensible article within minutes and completely remove that all-too-familiar obstacle of getting started. First Draft starts things for you, and it finishes them just as quickly.
common writing problems Insufficient word count. As another reason why First Draft was created, an insufficient word count doesn't stand a chance within First Draft. There are 25 ways to increase word count inside the software, and that doesn't even include the methods inside of the program's extensive content outline.

common writing problems Writer's fatigue. Both of the problems described above contribute to writer's fatigue. But First Draft removes them so you never have to fret over insufficient copy. With First Draft, in fact, a writer can increase productivity and probably write three or more times as many articles than without!


common writing problems A lack of Focus. Sometimes, in an effort to reach a required word count, writers ramble. This rambling is neither pleasing to read nor do, and it's why First Draft focuses each paragraph on a specific concept. The result is a nice, focused article that's actually a pleasure to work with.

common writing problems A missing or uninteresting title. Titles aren't as easy to come up with as they may seem. They require a simple summation that's encased within an attractive lead. Fortunately, First Draft generates its own titles right along with its own articles. They're simple but interesting enough to encourage further reading.

common writing problems No connection between introductions and conclusions. Another problem that writers have is connecting the ideas in an introduction with the ideas in a conclusion. In some cases, writers may opt to ignore the conclusion altogether and simply leave it out of an article. First Draft not only provides a conclusion, it makes sure that it correlates with what inside its generated introduction.

common writing problems Missing or irrelevant sub-headings. Sub-headings play an important role in content creation, but coming up with them can be as difficult as coming up with titles. But just like with titles, First Draft generates sub-headings as well, and they sufficiently introduce the paragraph(s) beneath them.

common writing problems Missing or irrelevant topic sentences. Whenever First Draft generates an article, it starts each paragraph with a topic sentence that informs the reader of what's coming next. Everything is in context, so writers won't risk confusion.


common writing problems Missing conclusions. As mentioned, a lot of writers completely disregard conclusions unless they're specifically requested. But even when requested, they're provided with a groan. Well, including conclusions are no longer a laborious chore within First Draft since they're not only automatically generated in every article, they're contextually sensible.

common writing problems Punctuation errors. Though not yet perfected, First Draft eliminates a ton of punctuation errors from its generated articles by preventing them from occurring in the first place. It uses guidelines from The Associated Press Stylebook, and it's updated with new (or newly discovered) rules whenever there's a need.

common writing problems Misspelled words. Like with punctuation errors, First Draft also eliminates a ton of spelling errors from its generated articles by preventing them from occurring in the first place. And it, too, is a work-in-progress. Either way, writers can comfortably tweak generated content knowing that the most common errors simply don't exist. (Breathe a sigh of relief here.)

common writing problems Run-on sentences. Run-on sentences happen to the best of us. In some instances, they're 'acceptable' to 'someone'. In First Draft, they aren't acceptable to anybody, which is why they don't happen in the software. First Draft's writing style is a contemporary writing style, and it works perfectly with a variety of invididual sentence types.


common writing problems Inappropriate style. Speaking of style, writers can inadvertently begin writing with one style and finish with another. (Hey, it happens.) With First Draft, generated content comes from styles that were programmed to be consistent. So using it, writers can produce material with a style that's coherent and uniform from beginning to end.

common writing problems Awkward sentence structure. Due to several reasons, some writing can be awkward to read both silently and aloud. Things like passive voice, misused phrases, or a lack of variation can turn what would have been an informative read into something to laugh at. Fortunately, a native English speaker and writer who knows the English language well enough to prevent this problem developed First Draft.

common writing problems Poor vocabulary. Misusing words can be embarrassing. But this problem, too, is eliminated in First Draft. As mentioned above, it was programmed by a native English speaker and writer who knows the English language well enough to prevent this problem as well.

common writing problems Uneven writing tempo. Content that lacks variation is boring. That's why First Draft is careful to incorporate a variety of sentence types into its generated articles. You'll never find a generated paragraph that contains just one type of sentence. Independent, compound, and even complex-compound sentences have a home in First Draft.

common writing problems Lack of transitions. Like with an uneven writing tempo, the lack of transititions makes writing robotic. First Draft makes extensive use of transitions, and it presents a list of over 400 of them for free use.

common writing problems Plagiarism. With any other content generator available today, writers will continuously fight accusations of plagiarism. That's because other content generators steal content from other websites and then present it as through it may be freely used. With First Draft, however, writers have nothing to fear because the software NEVER scrapes the Internet for any type of content, ever.

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