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Just Outsourcing is the brain-child of -year Internet veteran, Nicole Miller, an ExpertRating certified outsourcing solutions provider for new and/or intermediate Internet-based B2B markets. Nicole is located in the United States and ranked #130 (higher than 99.95% of her peers) out of over 300,000 RentACoders. (Source: Exhedra Solutions; Rentacoder) In addition, Nicole was a member of Exhedra Solutions' RentACoder (vWorker) (2005-2012) as 'DocuMaker', the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP, 2005-2010), and the Educational Software Cooperative (2005-2006).

Nicole Miller (Just Outsourcing, DocuMaker)


Oh yeah... Just Outsourcing (a.k.a. DocuMaker) is also the author of:

Outsourcing Through RentaCoder

... and the developer behind:

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